Welcome to Speak Up

What is Speak Up ?

Speak Up is a confidential reporting service for employees, business partners and other stakeholders of business units and group functions in the Anglo American Group. It offers a route to raise concerns about potentially unethical, unlawful or unsafe conduct or practices involving the Group. It is independently managed by Deloitte Tip-offs Anonymous.

Speak Up was established in 2001.

Why is it Important ?

At Anglo American Group we are committed to conducting our business in a way that is consistent with our values and principles.

It doesn’t matter whether you're an employee, contractor, customer, supplier, manager or shareholder - we want to know when you see things that concern you about the way in which the Group and its people do business. Speak Up provides you with an easy and secure way to tell us about your concerns.

How can I be sure it is confidential ?

The use of an independent external service provider is one of the ways we ensure that those who have genuine concerns have the confidence to raise them and are protected when they do so. Deloitte Tip-offs Anonymous protects the identity of the individual, and will never disclose their identity to the Group without that person’s express consent. Your name and contact details are removed from the report before submission to the Anglo American Group, so you cannot be identified. You can email, fax, write to Speak Up or call the toll-free number assigned to your region. You can find full contact details via the Contacts link on this website. Alternatively, you can submit a report using the form available on this website.

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